This page is about me, but not from me. I asked some of my close friends, managers and peers to write something about me without format restrictions. Usernames are generated - I wanted to "blur" their roles - what matters is people and what they say, not their titles.

  • detailed-lion933

    You know, there are people who you look at and understand that everything will be cool for them. As cool as they imagine it to be. People usually say about them, "dude, this is too much, stop" or "man, are you crazy??" For them, the world has no limits. And the funny thing is, you can't even imagine how they will do it. You just KNOW that they will reach their final destination. Sooner or later. It's some kind of magic.

    I only know three people like that. Kirill is the first on the list.

  • knowing-pelican118

    Well, I’ve heard that penguins are intelligent, but this individual seems to be on top of his kind. Kirill is one of the most inspiring personalities that I have ever met. I’d like to say that he is an outstanding developer - but I can hardly read the code. However, I can say for sure that he is a perfect problem solver - no matter what kind of problems we face, if Kirill joins the discussion I feel safe.

    I know for sure that every developer who knows Kirill says that he has extraordinary deep knowledge of the subject. He has an ability to absorb information at unprecedented rates - there must be some magic involved, I see no other explanation. But what I like most about Kirill is his inner child who is willing to play all day long but with one correction - this child plays with code 🙂

  • impressive-otter549

    Kirill is a very pleasant person who is happy to listen to you and give advice. At first, he may seem quiet, but in reality Kirill is talkative, just in his own way. You'll find out what that means when you sign up for the Premium subscription. Despite being a programmer and already a little bit of a manager, Kirill knows a lot about HR, which undoubtedly makes him the best programmer in the world!

  • responsible-bee152

    (I wrote this as if from you, but it can be presented as some interesting facts that your acquaintances say about you)

    I know, I know, in this section you all want to see the answer to the question: "Who am I?" So, here are a few facts about me:

    I'm a big fan of Vercel, and it shows in every piece of my work. I love programming so much that I gave my colleagues a program written in cupcakes as a gift for the holiday! I'm against personal work messages. I'm all for group (channel) messages where everyone has the same information. I read the book "Project Phoenix" and recommended it to my PM and she loved it. Every day, I try to read new articles and strengthen my knowledge.

    I have my own perspective on many things, which is why you're on my website right now, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and enjoy my experience.

  • reliable-owl231

    Krill is a fascinating conversationalist, a top-notch professional, and a person of exceptional depth. You can talk to him about any topic, and it will be fascinating. He knows exactly what human values are, and he knows how to convey them both in his professional activities and in the process of communication with his team and clients. Communicating with Krill is easy, comfortable, and beneficial!

  • practical-dolphin845

    Hello everyone, I'm the cat on the goal.

    I have known a man named Kirill for a long time. Together we have been through a lot of fire (Belarusian summer) and water (Belarusian rain). I can say about Kirill that he is my old friend, but golden, and no, he's not metallic, he's just handsome guy :) Kirill is truly a versatile person with whom you can talk on any topic, and in many of them he demonstrates a high degree of competence and knowledge. Over the years of friendship with him, I can confidently say that he always does his job efficiently and he is hardworking!

    It's no wonder that this guy will break into business and definitely achieve his goals, but not just 5 stars in GTA.

    In conclusion, I would like to add that everything on this website is made with love and absolutely unique, not to mention how cool and easy the information on various topics is presented here.

    Sincerely, my dear readers, Kirill's humble friend Nikita - Java Developer (they rule, just in case).

    P.S. We will definitely send you a photo from the Maldives!

  • hilarious-elephant983

    I am pleased to have Kirill as my colleague. He is not only a talented programmer and Lead Slack Emoji Manager, but also a true mentor to me. Thanks to his help and advice, I have been able to significantly strengthen my programming skills. Additionally, he is a very versatile person that is always ready to share his knowledge and experience in various fields. Besides, with Kirill, we can spend hours discussing not only work-related matters but also various life topics. He is an open and friendly person with whom it is easy and pleasant to communicate. Thanks to our conversations, I not only learn new things about programming, but also receive valuable lessons and advice in other areas of life.

    However, the coolest memory is the super delicious cupcakes 😂 that Kirill made specifically for his colleagues!