Why I started my blog?


The story begins...

Actually the story goes on.

At university, I quickly became the guy who can help with a complex topic, fix a bug in the code, or just give advice about programming. Maybe I was sometimes used, but I liked it. No, I didn't like being used, I like helping people and I didn't even think about being used by someone. So running your own blog looks like a good idea, doesn't it? But at the time it was a terrible idea for me. Why? Because I was a shy, insecure student who understood C++ and OOP better than talking to other people. But the seed was sown in my head.

I started my Telegram channel about programming on January 1, 2021. It took two years and a lot of changes in myself to turn the idea into reality. I called it penguin coder. And I made more than a thousand subscribers in six months. There were no brilliant ideas or a unique presentation. But there was one thing - I was real. And once I was the same as my subscribers - a person who was only looking for himself in programming. I have already passed the path that they were just starting and I sincerely wanted to help them. I went through a lot of problems, made a million mistakes and I wanted this path to be easier for them. And this became a feature of the channel - a close connection and similarity between the author and followers. So why am I here and not in my channel? Because I abandoned it, I wanted to be like other channels with a lot of followers, posts every day and ad revenue. I could not stand the pressure and left.

And I'm sorry for that. It was another mistake. Another mistake out of a million mistakes I have made and continue to make. Nobody's perfect. And I'm not the best. Not the best developer, not the best employee, not the best colleague, not the best person. And I don't think I'll ever be.

But I'm learning and will continue to learn, and now I have knowledge and experience about programming, career and life that I can and want to share with community. Join the adventure of my life and I hope my articles will be useful to you